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The Point

This website was designed with the intent to impart a basic understanding of C++ using a hands-on and identifiable method. The main focus of the site is on programmers new to C++, who wish to delve directly into game development. Lets face it, textbooks are a necessary part of learning, but they're not a lot of fun. This site will start off with the most basic techniques and work towards a greater understanding of the language, and development in general. Enjoy.


An introduction to simple C++ functions
Start at the begining. Learn the basic commands that you'll need to start creating better programs.

Compilers: Which works for you?
Everyone needs a compiler. And everyone has different opinions about which one is the best.
The fact of the matter is: Every compiler has its uses. Depending on what you're developing,
you'll need to chose one, or even several, that work best for you in particular.

Simple ways to be a good Programmer/Developer

Anyone can start writing a game or other large project. Not everyone can finish them. In fact,
most can't and/or don't. I've compiled a list of the most important things that you can do to
help you stay on track and keep your project under control. They're all surprisingly simple,
yet highly effective.


Basic Concepts
Advanced Concepts
Function Overloading
Operator Overloading
Taking Hello World to a whole new level
Linked Lists
Advanced Structs
Enhanced Lists (with Templates)

From Text Game Framework to C++ Genius in 4 steps

- Standalone
- Standalone
- Requires TextData.MAP
- Requires TextData.MAP , CWorld.h , CGame.h , CCharacter.h

Okay, so maybe not actual C++ Genius, but at least talented enough to be on your way there.
Here I have created 4 separate Text Game examples that are fully commented which will step
you through everything you will need to know to create your own games. This isnt just meant
as a text game example; It will help you learn how to build a powerful and well organised
framework for any game or application you chose to make. You will also learn the techniques
involved in more advanced applications.

On a side note:You may wish to download the MakeMap.CPP which can be used to generate
large text game map script files readable by the script interpreter in TextGame3 and 4. The
MakeMap.CPP is not currently configured to generate files of the correct size for TextGame
but is instead intended to be used as a quick method to fill large areas.